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Canvas Wrap



bigprints canvas print wrap method

Mounting and Framing

After printing, your canvas print is wrapped (Stretched)

Your canvas artwork is wrapped onto a chunky 38mm (approx 4cm)wooden frame, stapled to the back and then taped along the edge to finish it. Then a string is applied about 20cm from the top of the frame to supply it ready to hang for you.

If you are uploading your image to size and print, you need to allow a 2inch border all around to 'wrap' the canvas around the frame. If there is part of the image you wish to keep from 'wrapping' (e.g. a hand) we can suggest a few effective options to do this and achieve the 'wrapped' look of the canvas. (The diagram to the left shows the effect of an image 'wrapped'.)

Unwrapped (unstretched) 

Alternatively you can purchase the print to your size and get your favourite framer to stretch the canvas. Interstate and International customers with local framing facilities please note: all canvases may be shipped unwrapped (unstretched) to save on insurance and freight costs.
Types of Wrap or Stretching
We invented this great way of extending the background of your image so that you keep the whole image on the front of the canvas print.
If the image has some background landscape available, i.e. there is a background image that we can use 40mm in from the edge of the front canvas, we "mirror" that as the wrap so it looks like a continuation of the front image.

We take a dominant colour from the face of the image and fill the wrap. Particularly useful for smaller canvases. The default for this is white.
As we dont use any laminate on the canvas you can overpaint the edges with any acrylic paint easily.
1) IMAGE BLUR WRAP (default)
We invented this great way of extending the background of your image so that you keep the whole image on the front of the canvas print.
We duplicate the image and blur it so that the wrap contains the same as the front image but just a blurred version, so it picks up the colours on the front but leaves the focus on the front of the canvas print.

The image as a whole wraps around the sides of the canvas frame. This is not recommended and we will contact you to advise you if any arms or feet or other body bits are going around the side!
If you'd like us to print your image over a few canvas panels, we overlap the printing on the wrap of each panel, so that when you approach the wall hanging from the side it all looks like one image (as per the front)
Nothing about this is automatic from our side so all panels are custom made for you to get a very special viewing of your canvas from any angle of room entry.

We suggest you Get a Quote as these are custom made for you.
Split Panel (Triptych) Canvas
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