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Canvas Prints
Get Started on Your Canvas Print Order

Send your photo or artwork in to us and we will turn your photo into a brilliant, bigprint canvas very quickly using the BEST quality canvas print
process in the world.  
Give your special friend or loved one a unique gift! Or you can have your photo enhanced to look like an original painting in Warhol, sepia, or any painterly style you like. You may just like to give the bridal couple a beautiful Gift certificate ~ just call us on 02  9007 0755 if you want to speak to a specialist directly.

...or to check prices Click here for a Price Guide so we can work to your budget.

What kind of images do we need?

35mm slides or negatives, photographs, original artwork or simply send us your digital camera files.

Whatever you send us has to be either scanned and / or sized up to the size you would like to get your canvas or fine art paper printed at - e.g. 20"x30" (poster size) from a little 4"x6" photo original. We can also take care of your creative needs ~ see below for ideas.

You can send your original in any format to us:

FilmNegative / Slide transparency

If you shot the image on 35mm film, your original negative or slide will get you a higher quality reproduction than a photo print. We scan at 4000 dpi optical with no interpolation, none of the detail on the film will be lost.

Surface scratches and dust are digitally removed and the image is enhanced for print.

Digital Files
If you have taken a digital photo with your iPhone or camera, the highest resolution file you have will produce the highest quality enlargement. 

The average 4 to 10 Megapixel camera will produce a file at its 'super fine' setting of around 900k to 3Mb. This will reproduce a fine canvas around a metre wide or more for you when it is sized up. 
Having said that we can take a small 300k file up to poster size as the artist canvas we use is very forgiving and you will get a lovely painterly effect.


Print or Photo
If you only have the photo, try and look for the negative again.
All jokes aside, a photograph is not as good as the original slide or negative which is considered first generation. However we can produce amazing results from even poor photographs by restoring colour, increasing contrast and sharpness and removing defects. Adding an artistic effect and printing on canvas will hide a multitude of sins in the original and produce a unique artwork.

Artists Original
Your own original artwork may be given to us for photographing at high resolution, digitally in our professional photographic studio. You will get the chance to check a canvas proof for colour and resolution before we print and stretch the final canvas. This ensures you get a giclee print on canvas that you will be hard put to identify as a reproduction or your original!

Retouching and Colouring Options

If you'd like us to retouch your old photo we can bring it back to life and print it to canvas for another 75 years light safe enjoyment of old memories.

We can print colour pictures in full colour, true black and white, sepia tone, or selective colour for a hand-tinted look.

Whether your picture was shot on film or captured digitally, your colour picture has many creative possibilities.

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We will bear no liability for copyright infringements and will assume that all art and photography is copyright free when given to us for reproduction. BigPrints will use its best endeavours to protect original artwork or transparencies given to scan or photograph, however liability for loss or damage will be limited to replacement print, film or transparency stock only. No guarantees are given for backing up or archiving customer files. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain backups of files used in our reproduction process.

Our full explanation on Copyright is given here and by submitting an image for reproduction you acknowledge that you have read and understood this.

For more information and any queries please contact us directly on studio

Click Here to find out how to send your picture. Click Here to start an order for your canvas.

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