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Canvas Prints

Please note above the beautiful real art canvas texture that is not laminated to reflect light and looks like a professional photograph or atwork.



- full 'wrapped' or 'stretched' canvas -
        strung and ready to hang


- 'unwrapped' or 'unstretched' canvas -
       best for transporting overseas

 Original image 
 Stretched Wrap
Mirror Wrap
Colour Wrap (taken from dominant front image colour)

'Mirror wrap' on triptych (3 panels) - note that when viewed from any angle in the room you can see the whole picture as we overlap the printing to give this illusion. You simply supply the whole picture and we do the the rest (no extra charge).
As professional photo artists and leading graphic designers for the last 31 years, we know how much it means to have the BEST possible canvas print or fine art print for our professional photographers and artist clients. So we will make sure every print we make for you is as perfect and beautifully printed as it can possibly be.

Send us your best picture or choose one from
the Gallery. You won't be sorry, in fact you'll be very pleasantly surprised!
(Please note that BigPrints canvases are nothing like the cheap, poor quality chain store canvas prints covered in a plastic laminate, even though our prices are similar!)

We specialise in High Quality Giclée Canvas Prints and Photos on Canvas

Welcome to the World of Giclée Canvas ...

 Giclée is the most popular fine art reproduction technique in the modern art world. It has established itself with artists, galleries, and publishers. If you love the look of canvas, you will be very impressed with our new Giclée world leading process. Your images are printed directly onto our durable and fast drying fine art matt canvas, so your Giclée canvas will last well into the next generation (over 75 years !)*! Your end product is a beautiful water resistant canvas artwork stretched onto a thick 38mm (approx 4cm) wood frame. These prints are so good that our printing technology is now used to make fine art and museum prints for display in some of the world's finest museums and galleries

"I know some artists who are purists, who say it's selling out because it's a reproduction. But for me, paintings are a concept. Like Andy Warhol said, 'Your work is a creative act in itself.' Plus, I want people to be able to afford them. Not everyone is interested in spending $3,000 on a painting, but they may also not be interested in buying posters." ~artist Christine Mullane

* If they are kept out of direct sunlight

Choose a Picture from our Gallery

BigPrints Gallery canvas prints start life with a professionally created original photograph, illustration or original art piece which is then carefully crafted into a digital master by our image illustrators. The images are picked for their traditional or contemporary feel to suit many different interior settings such as hotel rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, lounges, your home or office. They are chosen with a specific 'feel' in mind suitable for beach, or forest hideaway or to make a child's room come alive. To make your choice easier, we can customize the colours of your subject to suit your or your interior designers scheme, just
Contact Us.

Browse the Gallery to choose an image by subject or artist or even 'feel' and then see what it looks like on your wall colour! We can create your custom art ANY SIZE and ANY COLOUR to ANY (reasonable) DEADLINE if you're late for an anniveresary or birthday! This unique interior decoration system online will save you hours choosing wall colours or even browsing art galleries to find the right size, colours and print. Browse the gallery and click on a picture to see its price at different sizes. Click Here to start browsing the Gallery.

Send us Your Photo to Print on Canvas

We take your original photos and enlarge them. And they arenít just posters, they are replicated onto real canvas.

We also have an amazing variety of effects to give your photos a completely different look. For instance you can have a black and white photo take on a whole new feeling by giving it an old style sepia look.

The photos from your average digital camera can simply be emailed in and if you have photos from film, then itís best to send in the negative to get a better quality reproduction than you would get with just a print.

And you donít need any fancy camera equipment; even a disposable underwater camera can be used! Our computer technology can enhance virtually any photo, and your finished product can be made to look like a watercolour or even as if itís come out of the studio of a modern master.

They are printed on durable matt canvas (no 'goo' or laminate so they don't reflect under spotlights) and stretched over a wooden frame... and your photos are ready to hang.

Let us turn your good decor into a brilliant image! You'll dazzle your guests, clients, friends and family with a big canvas print that looks like a real painting. Whether you're a professional photographer or an aspiring amateur who wants enlargements printed the BEST they can be, just try a canvas or fine art big print and see how much photographic printing has evolved.

We can accept any original image from you (i.e. digital jpeg or TIF file, 35mm slide, negative, photo or artwork). For more information on sending your picture to us,
Click Here!

How Long Does it Take?

Production time is typically 2-8 working days, however if you are in a hurry let us know and weíll do our best to schedule your order sooner...however at Christmas and for special occasions when you forget the anniversary gift....we'll do it much quicker!

Mounting and Framing

Wrapped (Stretched) - Your canvas artwork is stretched onto a chunky 38mm (approx 4cm) wooden frame. If you are 'sending us yours' image to size and print, you need to allow a 2inch border all around to 'wrap' the canvas around the frame. If there is part of the image you wish to keep from 'wrapping' (e.g. a hand) we can suggest 2 effective options to do this and achieve the 'wrapped' look of the canvas. (The diagram to the left shows the effect of an image 'wrapped'.)

Unwrapped (unstretched) - Alternatively you can purchase the print to your size and get your favourite framer to stretch the canvas. Interstate and International customers with local framing facilities please note: all canvases may be shipped unwrapped (unstretched) to save on insurance and freight costs.

Types of Wrap or Stretching
We professionally wrap the edges in one of 3 ways:

1) Stretched Edge (this is our default if not specified)

We simply grab a pixel on the edge and stretch it sideways so you pick up a blurred stretch colour from the front colours - works well and much better than white or black solid edges. This is a free service so you only need to send the image.

2) Mirror Wrap
If the image has some background landscape available, i.e. there is a background image that we can use 40mm in from the edge of the front canvas, we "mirror" that as the wrap so it looks like a continuation of the front image.
3) Colour Wrap
We take a dominant colour from the face of the image and fill the wrap. Particularly useful for smaller canvases.

4) Multiple Panel Wrap
If you'd like us to print the canvas in several panels we overlap the printing on the wrap so that when you approach the wall hanging from the side it all looks like one image (as per the front)

Canvas Print Quality

We use only genuine artist quality canvas with archival pigment ink and under a photographers loupe there are no dots in our printing. If you compare this to some of the cheaper canvas printers  and chainstore canvases you will see a great difference. The other reason we boast of world class quality in digital canvas prints from photo is that we image straight out of Photoshop in RGB (no RIP and no CMYK colour conversion which flattens the colour).

We do not put a liquid laminate on the canvases as we are purists and don't like the reflection under spotlights that all matte laminates seem to give. We recommend laminating your canvas prints in high traffic areas to help with "anti-scuffing".

Colour changes and element manipulation are available with all images. Please note that the first 10 minutes of photo retouching or image enhancemment, sizing up, black and white or sepia conversion and stretching the edges (the wrap) are all included in the print fee. Thereafter there is an additional fee based on an hourly rate.

Do the "Wrap" Yourself

PhotoShop (and Elements) Specs for canvas pre-production to save us all time/space:


1.       Create art to finished front size eg 20" x 20" at 220dpi, leave in RGB always.

2.       Set working space to "Adobe RGB 1998" - close and reopen Photoshop for change to take place (now what you see on your screen will be what you get back within a few percent tones)

3.       To add the "wrap" for the canvas prints:

             Assuming you have the print at the final size , 220dpi, RGB:

4.       Bring in a 'guide' line to lock into all four sides of the rectangle
Right mouse click on the ruler and change to inches if in centimetres

5.       Go to "canvas Size" and add 4" to width and 4" to height (if you are working in metric then 10cm W and 10cm H)

6.       Select the layers that apply and size up to the new canvas background. This will give us the 38mm and a bit more to play with for framing/stretching.

7.       'Save As' a jpeg at maximum 12 Quality with the guides on.

8.       Attach file to your BigPrints order online or upload it to the email address  studio@bigprints.com.au via www.yousendit.com (you will get up to 100Mb for free in one file transfer at a time here)


Terms & Conditions


You must agree not to send us any material that breaches copyright.  By placing an order with Bigprints, you accept and declare that any slides, negatives, photos, or other media submitted to Bigprints for processing is not protected by Copyright, or if protected, that you, (the client) has obtained permission from the copyright holder to make copies.  You also agree, that by placing an order with Bigprints, that you will protect and indemnify Bigprints from any costs related to copyright infringement.
Our Guarantee
Naturally we are anxious to have your repeat business so we will ensure your entire satisfaction - guaranteed.


We will make every effort to ensure that no harm comes to any material that you may send us.  Any material sent to Bigprints is exclusively the responsibility of the sender. Please take all necessary precautions when sending materials to us.  Please make sure you supply us with your correct address.  We take no responsibility for items despatched if an incorrect address is supplied.  As professionals, we will take every care with your order but we cannot guarantee the originals. If, in the unlikely event you do not receive your photo on canvas, we will reprint the canvas print that you have ordered. 

By submitting an order through Bigprints, you (the client) acknowledge that Bigprints will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages as a result of services supplied to you.  Any liability in relation to services supplied by Bigprints shall, at our discretion, be limited to a resupply of services. 



To enable us to process your order, Bigprints require information such as your name, email address, contact number and delivery address.

We will only use this information to verify your details and send occasional communications to people who have requested it.  We will not use, sell or disclose your personal information to any third parties without your consent

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